Plymouth / Dakar Challenge 2003: ‘Drews Photographs

‘Drews Photographs

Welcome to ‘Drew’s photographs mini-site.

During the 2003 Challenge I took some 500 photographs of the scenery and the Teams. I have included just a few within the Field Reports section of the main web site, but those have been compressed and scaled down to enable those pages to load within a reasonable time scale.

The aim of this mini-site is to provide you with access to the full size photographs. These were all taken at a native resolution of 640×480 pixels. I chose this setting so that the photos are of reasonable size to download over a modem connection without having to scale down a higher resolution image. All of the photos available here should therefore display reasonably well for everyone, no matter what your monitor settings and resolution are.

All photographs are presented here for your personal viewing and enjoyment. They are all subject to © Copyright restrictions and may not be distributed or published by any means whatsoever without permission. In addition, you are not permitted to publish web links to any individual photograph files.

I hope that you enjoy browsing these photographs. Please select from the index on the left to start browsing the thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail image to view the photograph at full resolution.

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