France & Spain

Plymouth / Dakar Challenge 2003: ‘Drews Photographs

‘Drews Photographs:  France & Spain

Team Red Star and Team  Heavey at the filling station in Roscoff

It seems that’s all I took in France. Well, it got dark as soon as we worked our way out of Roscoff

This must be the Spanish side of the Pyrenees
And so must this
Some more spain
and some more
and some more
Rush hour on the Madrid ring-road
The low lands in Southern Spain
Are these the plains upon which the rain falls mostly upon?
Team Teknology Mir catches up with Team Heavey and the Cobb Cruisers en route to Gibraltar
First sighting of the Rock of Gibraltar
Second glimse of the Rock of Gibraltar
The rock and the Niva
“Katje”, the Team Heavey Niva, poses in front of the rock.
When we arrived, there were plenty of cars in the car park outside Gibraltar, but the Teams were not in sight!
Cathy (Team X) in the moped rank in Gibraltar
Team Unknown’s Hillman Hunter.
The Tortoise in all it’s glory!
Karl tweeks the Nova one more time (sadly the legend “V12” on the rocker cover is not legible in this photo 🙁
The New Forest Stallions
Julian heads the meeting in the Hotel at Sotogrande (before the serious drinking started)
Having had to attend to a minor bit of maintenance upon my arrival at the hotel, I had little time to take photos in daylight. The following were taken in the dead of night as some Teams got an early night and others continued to party in the ‘Club’ down the road. These are mostly pretty poor photos but I have included them because this is the ony time I got to see some of these cars.
Ken Hughes
Team Wheelnutz
The Challenge takes over the hotel car park
Sand Blasters (left), In It For The Money (right)
Desert Storm Troopers (left), The Cobb Cruisers (right)
Team Banjul or Bust
Team Ralph and The New Forest Stallions
Team Nikki Lada (front), Team Heavey (middle)
Team X, fully loaded (complete with exercise bike).
The view from the lower rear deck of the catamaran high-speed ferry
Leaving Gibraltar behind as we cross the Med