Plymouth / Dakar Challenge 2003: ‘Drews Photographs

‘Drews Photographs:  Mauritania

We had arrived in Nouâdhibou in darkness.  Monday 6th was a rest day for us, and a catch-up day for those who were stuck at the border – or even further behind in Marrakesh.  I took the opportunity to write a field report and we wandered into town to find an internet café.

The main street (above) has tarmac, pavements and kerbs (albeit with goats wandering around), but a peek over the walls reveals a different view of Nouâdhibou.   This is a residential area…

Further down the main street. 

A side street, viewed from it’s junction with the main street. The desert is only just beyond.

We had heard that other Teams were in town in other camp sites, and we happened upon Team Tony Hadley just preparing for the off as part of the first group into the desert.  This was the first time we had seen them during the Challenge… we were soon to see more of them

An enormous taxi fleet of Mercs and Renaults.  despite my best efforts, this is the best pic I managed to get of one of the Mercs with no head-lights whatsoever. This appears to be a normal state for cars here.  I had heard that Arabs tend to drive without using their lights… I now know that it’s because they don’t have any!

Back at Camping Abba, the ‘Holland Africa Tour’ are moving out.   Seems they take their desert expeditions a little more seriously.

Monday evening, time to eat out (again).  The best restaurant in town… and one by one almost all of the Teams present in Nouâdhibou showed up. (clockwise from bottom left: Julian & Nick (Team Teknology Mir), Chris (Team Heavey),Alison & Ron (Team Red Star), Nigel and Alan (Cobb Cruisers). [Oops.. sorry about the date stamp! The camera needed re-setting sometimes – looks like I got it wrong here!)

Mark & Neil (Team Nikki Lada), Mike & Chris (Team Lock Stock), Richard & Fergus (Team Noweiser), Karl (Team Boy Racers)