The Gambia

Plymouth / Dakar Challenge 2003: ‘Drews Photographs

‘Drews Photographs: The Gambia

As my inverter had blown a fuse (and I carried no spares), I had to preserve my battery power… so photos became fewer and further between.

Waiting outside the ferry compound before the crossing to Banjul.
The Press Conference at the Banjul Independent Stadium.
The cars are line up for a photo shoot for the press. Left to right: Team Cyclone Wombat, The Six Pistons, Team Boy Racers, The Barnes Stormers, Team Teknology Mir, Fran Bourne, Team Heavey.
Louw and Emer: The Six Pistons.
The celebration dinner at the Safari Garden Hotel and Restuarant.
Friday afternoon, and the bilk of the Challengers assemble at Banjul International Airport.
Somehow, during all the celebrations the night before, Fergus (Team Desert Storm Troopers) managed to leave half of his beard behind.
And we’re off. A final shots of the Gambia as the plane climbs to cruising altitude.
The sun sets on the Plymouth_Dakar Challenge 2003.