Plymouth / Dakar Challenge 2003: ‘Drews Photographs

‘Drews Photographs:  Senegal

Ron (Team Red Star) pictured with Abedlahyol after having negotiated terms for the return journey.
Friday 10th January, and we’re leaving Nouakchott: Cobb Cruisers overtake the donkey and cart, Teams Teknology Mir and Red Star negotiate the roundabout.
As we left, Nouakchott was cloaked in a veil of dust. It doesn’t show here, however.
Unfortunately, although I did attempt to take more photos on this leg of the journey, few of them are worth publishing!
Although Sad Steve Page had warned that the ‘road’ to the dam river crossing into Senegal was a dreadful track, our group had opted for this route in favour of arrving at the Rosso ferry crossing with 25 other cars. This proved a good move 🙂 The track to the dam runs partly on a raised embankment and partly on the lower piste beside a superb reserve. Note how the clear skies have been taken over by cloud.
A large tented encampment in the distance.
Sadly as the truck bucked and rattled, I managed to get very few photos along this road.

Arriving at the Zebrabar Campsite (just outside St Louis, Senegal) in darkness, it was clear that we were on to a winner. In daylight, the paradise became even more obvious.
Across the river is St. Louis island. Te city is built further upstream to the right. At this point, the island is around 500m wide, and the other side of the trees is a beautiful deserted beach, with Altantic rollers.
Fergus (Team Noweiser) the morning after the Rosso Rumble (covered elsewhere on these pages).
The Team Unknown Hunter, showing signs of distress after the Rosso Rumble.
Hugh Tortoise, arrived at Zebrabar on tow, and spent the three days here chanting the mantra “The reason I brought a 2CV is because they are mechanically basic and easy to fix…”
The road from St Louis to Zebrabar was an awful mix of pot-holed tarmac and driving on the piste. It threads its way through some national park areas, and we were treated to some close up views of real, live pelicans.
Team Nikki Lada (left) and Team Teknology Mir parked up in the centre of St Louis on the ‘new town’ island.
We crossed to the old town island, and took a walk along the beach through the fishing fleet.
The old town, viewed from the bridge to the new town. This is a busy market area.
All good things must come to an end, and on Monday 13th we lined up to leave Zebrabar.
This was probably the last time so many Challenger’s cars would be seen together, because the group was beginning to split up from here on.
THe Challenge is formally concluded. Congratulations to all of the Teams that made it this far!
The clouds have evaporated again. It is seriously hot out there, en route to Toubacouta.
A huge flock of vultures feast on the remains of a donkey. There were probably at least the same number again off-camera to the right.

The Hunter’s cooling system was beginning to show the strain, and Team Unknown had to rest periodically to allow it to cool.
The children looked on, but stayed in their village. No demands for presents, pens, or ten dollars here.
Team Heavey Niva after arriving at Les Paletuviers hotel complex, 20km north of the Gambian border.
Deals have been struck, and Oz pops the Champagne. The Tortoise has been sold to a mechanic at Les Paletuviers. The concept of the Extreme Fly-Drive Holiday has been borne, and it has been agreed that the Hunter can rest here before Sad Steve Page attempts the next leg of its round-the-world journey.
Left to right: Oz, Greg, Hugh