Plymouth / Dakar Challenge 2003: ‘Drews Photographs

‘Drews Photographs:  Morocco

Waiting for the others: The Dolly Dealers, The Wacky Racers, Team Heavey, The Cobb Cruisers, just outside Ceuta having crossed the border into Morocco.  That’s Nigel (Cobb Cruisers) crossing the road).

Team Red Star has now joined the convoy at the back, and I think that’s Team D.O.G. obscured by the passing Merc

new Years Eve morning, Camping Salé, near Rabat. Three Nivas in a row (L to R: Wacky, Dolly, Heavey)

The Dolly Dealers in the old City of Rabat

More old-time Rabat

Somewhere on route to Marrakech (I really should take better notes)

New Years Eve dinner in the main square in Marrakech.   Hugh looks well pleased to be there, Chris Rabbitt performs his amazing invisible juggling.

Christopher & Alison pose in the main square, Marrakech.